Monday, June 23, 2008

Moreland Hardware

First in a new series of local scenes in Southeast Portland. Moreland Hardware is on Milwaukie Avenue in the Sellwood-Moreland area. I shop for my hardware needs at this locally owned and operated neighborhood establishment that is within easy walking distance of the house. In the 1970s when I got out of the Air Force I worked briefly for a True Value Hardware store in Turlock, California.


caseytoussaint said...

Well done! I really like the composition on this.

Alanna said...

Hey Alan,
I recognize this hardware store! We live in the same neighborhood and I did some sketches in Sellwood (but I haven't posted anything yet...I'm out of my routine of scanning in sketches) for the sketchcrawl.

we should sketchcrawl together! I felt a little self conscious when I went out saturday by myself!

odd chick said...

water, water everywhere in your beautiful sketches. I live in the southeastern region of New Mexico. No lakes for 100s of miles - just irrigated farmland. I loved your pictures!

David Vallejo said...

Excellent work! I like the lettering, something that I often shy from in my own art work.

This work also has an interesting effect that is similar to that of taking a photograph with a wide angle lense.

Anetka said...

great work Alan:)
I like the composition:)

faeorain said...

I love this drawing...sort of has an art deco feel to it. Very well done. You have some nice drawings here...and an excellent music selection as well! And I am pleased to meet a fellow ATC maker..I think I may try out that ATC giveaway on my blog!