Monday, November 23, 2009

November 22, 2009

Color pencil on paper. Spent Saturday morning watching the grandkids. I spent a lot of the time with my feet elevated to get swelling down, but there was some time spent with them on my lap as we checked Papa's farm, cafe, and roller coaster park on facebook. No visit is ever complete without the light saber fight.


john.p said...

Always enjoy the continuing Dachshund history, or at least your flavor of it. Gotta spend time with those grandkids when you can.

Margaret Ann said...

Grands are always a hoot aren't they? Love the compo the saga continues...:)

freebird said...

Cute picture. Light saber fights! Makes me think of my daughter's house but I don't join in. She's got a staircase at both ends of the house. The kids run up one and down the other chasing each other with "weapons". It's wild. All I know is I enjoy my grandkids in ways I didn't my own children.