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The Family of Mary Wright wife of William Sabin and Mother of Samuel Sabin

  My last blogpost talked about William Sabin and his possible candidates for his parents. I want to provide some information regarding the family of William Sabin's first wife Mary Wright and begin to write about Samuel his first born.
  William Sabin married twice. His first wife was Mary Wright. Mary was born in 1618 in England. It is not known for sure where in England she was born, but I would suspect the south of England. We do not know who her mother was but her father was Richard Wright.
  Richard Wright was born probably sometime around 1598 in England. There is a record of his marriage in 1625/1626 (some dates are a little tricky because of the calendar system at the time) in Stepney, London, England. It is not recorded who his wife was. Richard Wright came to Boston with Winthrop in 1630, accompanied by 4 daughters and a Margaret Wright who may have been his wife, a sister, or other family member. Church records in Boston indicate that Richard was member #89 and Margaret Wright #99. Richard worked for John Humphrey developing land at Saugus (later Lynn, Massachusetts). Richard was likely a bondservent to Hunphrey because there a court record making him a freeman in May of 1634. He was already a leading citizen as he was a made a Captain of the milita in 1630.Richard was fined 6 pounds in 1638 for selling 130 acres of land at Mount Wollaston without the consent of the town. It was not permissible to sell land without permission. There is also a record of Richard selling 200 acres to William Tynge of Boston in 1639. Richard was dismissed from the Boston church in 1639 and joined the Braintree church. In 1641 it is known he had a mill with exclusive rights, in other words a sanctioned monopoly at Braintree. Richard was next found in Seekonk in 1643 where he was one of the first purchasers of land and the primary organizer of the town. Richard was the richest man in what would become Rehoboth with an estate valued at 834 pounds. He got exclusive rights to a corn mill in Rehoboth in 1643. Living there was also his 3 sons-in-law and was appointed overseer of estate of friend Thomas Blaise of Rehoboth in 1649 but apparantly never served. He had gone to England at that time. There is a deposition about some troubles in Rhode Island in 1656/57 with the last recod of him in 1661.
  William Sabin and Mary Wright together had 12 children. The oldest of these children was Samuel Sabin my ancestor in this line. He was born about 1640 probably in England. It was custom at the time to name firstborn sons after their grandfather, which would be Williams father. This is the reason some suspect that William Sabin's father was Samuel Sabin. That theory has some doubters when we look at Samuel son of William and his children.
  It is only his sibling Elizabeth who is thought to have been born in England along with Samuel. All others were born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Elizabeth was born about 1642. The other siblings are in order of birth:
Joseph, June 1645
Benjamin, July 1646
Nehemiah, May 1647
Experience, August 1648
Mary, July 1652
Abigail, November 1653
Hannah, December 1654
Patience, February 1655/56
Jeremiah, March 1657/58
Sarah, September 1660.
  It would seem that Mary Wright died during childbirth or shortly thereafter because there is a record that she died in September 1660 in Rehoboth, leaving William to raise 20 children. He would raise these children until 1663 when he remarried. Williams second wife was Martha Allen. William and Martha together had 8 children. Since my concentration from my personal tree involves Samuel son of Mary Wright I will discuss this step-family in another article.
  William would live until February of 1686/87. The records indicate that his burial was on 8 February in Rehoboth. It should be noted that his second wife was buried July 17, 1687. From this one family it is understandable why there are some 40,000 + decendants in the United States and Canada.

At the end of my last post I indicated that I would discuss the family of Samuel Sabin, Sr. but I thought it would be appropiate to discuss Mary Wright's family first. In order to not make these essays too long I will end this one here. Next up will definately be Samuel Sabin, Sr.

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