Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Review of Showcase Presents Justice League of America

This black and white rendition of the beginnings of the Justice League of America covers in this first volume The Brave and the Bold #28 from March-April 1960 through to Justice League of America #16 December 1962. Every Justice League of America story in order during this time period.

The stories are very predictable and quite juvenile, but that was because the primary target was kids. One could get these comic books at many variety and grocery stores in spinner racks at very low prices. Appeal to kids they did. This was the day when a story would usually begin and end in a single issue. Occasionally they would carry over into a second issue (talking all comics not just JLA). Even more rarely they would cross over into another title. Longer stories were generally saved for the annual issues where more space was provided. The stories in this volume were mostly told within a single issue.

My rating at 4 stars is not due to storytelling or the graphics, but the nostalgic nature of the contents of this book. I grew up with these stories and they have a value due to the fact I grew up with them, saving my dimes and pennies for my favorite titles each month...each ranging in cost from 10-12 cents each.

If you grew up with later comics in the last couple of decades you will find these stories dull and horrible. I will not debate that as I would agree as a comparison. However, if you are looking for a buzz from your youth this collection is more cost effective than trying to buy the originals, if you can find them.

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