Thursday, July 24, 2008

ATC - Baseball

I decided to try a second collage card utilizing again a bit of recycled cardstock from a vhs tape box and some pieces from the pocket schedule I used in my first attempt. Again I used a random piece of box score from the newspaper and a commemorative stamp to tie this card in with the previous.


Frankye said...

Alan, aren't the new stamps great! Love what you have done with the collage. I thought I'd try a couple with stamps too. Right now I'm using some in my journal sketches.

Being the proud mother of three little "Wild" doxies...I love your migration drawing. Mine only migrate to the gate in the fence, then to the fence by the woods, they by the garage, and back to the door, proving they are such good babies and "can we have a cookie?"!

Andres said...

great ATC. And thanks for documenting the wiener dog migration :o)