Friday, July 25, 2008

ATC - TGIFishFriday072508 2of3

While waiting for a rather complex building to run through my design software I pulled out a couple of my Strathmore precut ATC cards and added a couple more cards to the TGIFishFriday series for today. I am posting this one here on my blog. The other will go over on my flickr site. I recently sent a card off to Kathleen in a giveaway posting.

This card here is free to the x number of posted comment. Just a token of appreciation for all those that stop by and visit.


freebird said...

X is probably not this posting but what the heck. I'll sign up!

I've mostly been lurking but have been enjoying the humor here.

Packy reminds my of my short-hair pointer with my three other dogs each under 9 lbs. Sarah doesn't quite fit in either but sure wants to.

Hotdogs in the desert- that's just what I've been calling mine even though they aren't dachsunds. It's hot, they are hot and they are dogs so...

Stephanie said...

:)! loving your fish friday! I'm gonna have to come up with a gimmick like this. :)


Alan said...

Card will be gifted to Timaree Cheney aka Freebird. Thanks Timeree and Stephanie for dropping in to visit.