Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Superman Chronicles Volume 3

Just completed my third volume of The Superman Chronicles. These are color reproductions beginning with volume 1 of every Superman story in order. The third volume consists of Superman stories from Action Comics No. 21 (Feb 1940), Action Comics No. 22 (March 1940), Action Comics No. 23 (April 1940), Superman No. 4 (Spring 1940), Action Comics No. 24 (May 1940), Action Comics No. 25 (June 1940), Superman No. 5 (Summer 1940), and finally a story from New York World's Fair 1940.

Superman is still without flight. He does have the ability to leap large distances quickly, but does have most of this powers. It is in this series of issues that the Daily Star becomes the Daily Planet. Most of the stories up to now centered around villians who were usually modsters and petty criminals it in this time frame that an evil scientist shows up by the name of Luthor.

This is not the Superman that I grew up with in the 1950s and 1960s but I have enjoyed reading these early entries in the Superman universe. These reproductions are certainly cheaper to come by than copies of the original comic books.

There are further volumes available, but for now this is the last of this series that I currently own.

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