Monday, April 21, 2008

Neocolor II's

Here is my collection of Neocolor II's. I only used a small portion of them on my experimental piece with the blue door garage. I will have to do something else since some of them did not get used. I heard rumblings from those that sat in the box during the whole process.

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SideShowMom said...

Alan, they NEED to be used!!! The poor orphans, they speak to me, too! Have you considered doing a swatch page; bits of each color, wet, dry, wet in dry, wet in wet, mixed with each other, etc? Also, consider trying them on some watercolor paper; hot press, cold press, etc. They really are nice colors and I reach for them almost as much as my Graphitints! Nice work, BTW, on the rest of your blog, the animals in ink and pencil, keep it up!!