Friday, April 04, 2008

Old doodle on yellow post-it note

Found this old doodle on a post-it note. Don't recall when I did it, and it has some smudging of graphite. Done in pencil.


Lisalou said...

Hey Alan,
I like this. Isn't it amazing that some of those spontaneous doodles on post- it-notes can often be our best? Is it the Ferry Building in SF? Look at my sketch from a couple of weeks ago.Looks like the same angle! Have a good weekend.

Alan said...

The sketch was probably inspired from a photo and looking at your sketch it may very well have been the same building from some other elevation. There are lots of great buildings in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.

Forever Young said...

i have an old 'doodle' i did in spain last year, must find it some time. it's nice.