Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back yard tree

While relaxing on the back patio and talking to family, I sketched this large tree. I again left out the details at a distance and worked up close. We had previously hung a corn holder and a seed bell for the squirrels that live in the area and waited for them to come dining. I left color out of the tree trunk and branches as I was unsatisfied with the mixes I was getting in the watercolors to get the grayish color. I decided to leave it as black ink on white while coloring the fence, sky, and leaves, as well as the items hanging from the branches. Haven't decided if it works, but it was a very pleasant afternoon of not having to do much thinking.


Anonymous said...

Oh--green leaves on a tree! You're telling me there are such things in the world at this time of year???? Not fair! I am so ready for spring to hit the midwest. The white trunk makes me think of a birch tree or a sycamore. I like how you did the leaves.

Ann said...

Nice sketches - especially like this tree with the bird feeders. I'll have to show the radio pics to my hubby - he was in the Air Force too, and worked on radios.