Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the basement watching the news before bed.

The basement at my in-laws is finished and at one time served as a studio apartment. When we visit we always stay downstairs. It has a stove, refridgerator, sink, microwave, and bath. While I was about ready to go to sleep the news was on this little television on a rolling cart. I went ahead and figured I might as well sketch it. Above the tv was a wall mounted mirror, so I attempted to sketch in the reflection of objects seen there as well.

These are the first few sketches that are "ready". I took several photos for reference that I hope to sketch in the next few days. Since I am now back at work, it is payback for the time off. That pesky work thingy............

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Anonymous said...

nicely done, particularly like the mirror reflections; not an easy thing to do